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Studies have shown that public parks can contribute to the health and well-being of an individual.  Physical activity is one of the most important routine behaviors that help reduce chronic diseases and improves health outcomes for all ages.  Nearly 11% of all deaths and a significant proportion of chronic conditions including heart disease, diabetes, and cancer among Americans are directly attributable to physical inactivity.

The Vincennes Parks Department has been working very hard to increase those healthy active opportunities for the community by building the new Rainbow Beach Family Aquatic Center, adding four new playgrounds, two of those donated by the Vincennes Rotary and Kiwanis clubs,completely redoing the Vaughn Walking Trail, building the Lester Square Fitness Park, and adding the Historic River Walk.

Our newest endeavor is the Lester Square Fitness Skate park. The skate park is in dire need of a remodeling.

The youth of Vincennes have expressed great interest in remodeling the current skate park in Lester Square. For many youth this is a place where much of there time is spent on a daily basis. Making it worth while to invest in.

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